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Spring equals leather jacket.

With the first rays of spring sun, I simply want to lock all of the winter clothes and compliment the next season.

And there's no such feeling as taking your old leather jacket out on the sun.

I believe everyone has a leather jacket. And so do I (few of them actually).

I mostly prefer the classic motorcycle jacket in black or brown color because it always gives a naughty and dangerous touch to my outfit.

Even if you wear it with a dress or floral skirt - you can still smell that wicked feeling on your skin. Maybe it reminds on your childhood when all the cute and dangerous guys have been wearing a leather jacket or on your first motorcycle ride.

However, I can feel rock-n-roll all day in it.

Before I rob a bank and buy YSL jacket I feel more than great in high street pieces. My only request is a genuine leather (otherwise I won't smell like rock-n-roll - rather like hall after the concert :)

This time I wore my favorite one in the dark cognac color. I went well with my midi knitted dress which hides winter paradise :)

An elegant version of cowboy boots and a box bag are evergreens to add as well as my favorite sunglasses.

Rock-n-roll is about attitude and rebellion. Put that leather jacket on!


La Bohème Brulée

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