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My Mallorcan romance

“Veraneando, se va el tiempo volando”.

And it did. Summer is far behind us, but at least La Bohème Brulée is back.

She actually moved to the UK almost 2 years ago and has enjoyed too much English ale (ok, I will write about that in another post). Therefore, not many photos came out.

She is back now and sharing some of her favorite moments from romantic Mallorca.

I stayed in a beautiful place - an old church converted into a cool authentic Spanish hotel. With such an atmosphere, it was impossible not to take any photos. So, here I am, a few months later, cherishing the summer.

Stunning beaches, beautiful sunsets, amazing tapas food, a Vermouth to die for, and an old church gate to open every night before going to bed...

All captured in a few smiles and the eyes of someone who lived in their own memory...

"La Verdad Adelgaza, pero No Quiebra".


La Bohème Brulée

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