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Local Market.

Simply meet me there where food is from Earth.

I am the kind of person who visits local markets when traveling everywhere. That's the true spirit of people and a city.

Small talk with merchants, the smell of fresh food, murmur, and people with colorful personalities.

Each city has a certain magic and spirit that is best illustrated in the stands of the local market.

Although it's a very unusual choice of location for photo shooting, I was pleased to have such a set behind my back. A cheerful, colorful, cultivated and gentle reflection of the sun on a simple autumn styling.

This time, I'm wearing a crocheted white dress, an old denim jacket, brown cowboy boots, and a matching purse.

The entire styling is rounded off by a beautiful backdrop that shines through my vintage sunglasses.

Shop local. Eat local. Spend local. Enjoy local.

And where do you eat?


La Bohème Brulée

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