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October trees.

As I was waiting for the light to come back on my summer hungry window, in nature I was lost.

It's cold outside and sad old songs keep ringing in my head.

The fashion time seems to be the miles ahead :)

And the shoes fell like leafs,

Cherishing my October trees...

It's time to post something on my blog,

Otherwise, I'll be shrouded in a fog.

After such a poetic introduction, I promise I will stop with poetry and post some good outfits.

Happy Autumn everyone!

These pictures were taken right after the work as a business casual look.

I was wearing suit trousers (wide-leg) and cashmere turtleneck below my almost vintage blazer.

All matched with big sunglasses, gold earrings, and a small brown purse.

Hope I see you soon!


La Bohème Brulée

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