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Latex or not?

Best served as a fetish, latex came back to fashion stage this year. If you dose it properly - you can still stay elegant and stylish.

It can easily become too much (I suppose you know the difference between toys and clothes).

One or two details made of latex are more than enough to show some respect to this smooth and glossy fashion trend.

This time I combined latex skirt with the oversized gray turtleneck, long leather boots and newsboy latex cap while holding velvet black clutch.

In this outfit, you can have a coffee and end up at night bar with cocktails without a guilty conscience.

So, it is perfect for Saturday if you never know where you can end up.

(Skirt H&M, Turtleneck Zara, Boots Zara, Cap Topshop, Clutch Mango)

What do you say?


La Bohème Brulée

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