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Clothes do not make the woman. But festivals do!

What do you need for a festival? Following items should be checked few times:

  1. Festival Ticket

  2. Money (The queues for cash machines at festivals can waste hours of your day)

  3. ID (Many festivals need your ID for various reasons, especially drinking or detecting you in case you act weird)

  4. OUTFIT!

Since all the tickets for Coachella are already sold out, I am pretty sure I have enough reasons to write this post at the end of January (excusez-moi)!

With Coachella mud on your mind and Exit a matter of weeks away, it's time to start thinking about our festival wardrobes.

So, let's beat the grass with Hunter or Cowboy boots. Wearing boots in the middle of the spring/summer is essential during the festival period. It is not just about the fashion - it protects your toes from being trampled on. Trust me - flip-flops are not an option.

There is a whole load of strange situations you could experience at a music festival, but - for other people - your outfit choices shouldn't be one of them. Before you set off for Coachella, Exit, Rock en Seine or any of the brilliant outdoor music spectaculars happening across the globe this spring/summer, consider having enough time to pack your statement wardrobe pieces.

Keep it cool, stay focused and extra sparkly!

Calm the sparkling dress down with the grunge boots, put your leather jacket on and find a vintage Fedora hat. None of these things should be marked as expensive.

Rather, I suggest that you invest in a good pair of sunglasses (which are a must and you can always wear them). Upgrade your shades and invest in a convenient backpack that can hold at least one "Chateau de something".


Rock'n'Roll might not solve your problems, but it does let you dance all over them!

Come on, we were all pretending to be Kate moss once (at least I did).

Life is a party, dress like it!

ps. The black tights on me are just a necessary accessory since I took this picture a few days ago (it is winter here).

Let me know what you think.


La Bohème Brulée


  • Massimo Dutti dress

  • Zara boots & hat

  • Leather jacket (vintage)

  • CC Backpack

  • Aviator sunglasses (vintage)

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