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Business right after hard rock concert.

Have you ever been coming from a rock concert and had to go to the office straight away (in leather pants)?

Well, I did.

At least that gave me an idea for this blog post. The main topic here is early morning metamorphosis or how to look elegant in the morning after enjoying the role of rock-n-roll queen all night long.

Actually, it was simple (if you have a good concealer and big sunglasses). My suggestion is always YSL concealer and Céline sunglasses.

Go hard or go home!

I was still having the same vintage leather jacket and snakeskin ankle boots. I changed my leather pants for an elegant version of winter trousers. Belt remained the same, still smelling like beer mixed with vodka.

Turtleneck covered my nightwear bodysuit and with a little bit of red lipstick, I looked alive. Snakeskin purse is older than me and my mother together as a statement vintage piece inherited from my grandmother.

Although I can still party like an absolute rock star, it would appear that I cannot recover like one.

And even if it seemed like a very simple "survival" outfit, I thought how I always look the best after wild nights.

So... Looking forward to the next one.

Until then, stay sexy and chic.


La Bohème Brulée

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