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A glare of the empty square.

Meanwhile in the city...

Hot and sunny every inch of the street block. Nervous people.

Scrolling down the Instagram and it seems everyone has a VS angel body, shiny golden glowing skin, perfect salty hair, best beach view, and the most refreshing cocktail ever.

And simply, it's not enough. You go out for a cold beer hoping it won't create a lovely bloating belly.

Still, you somehow run a fashion blog but your inner feeling tells you no fake is possible if you want to live under your skin.

Beer and a cigarette. No avocado. That's the part of La Bohème Brulée.

La Bohème. La "Me".

I was off for a few months as I wanted to continue in another direction, more personal.

Lovely ideas for lovely fast-coming autumn.

I am wearing simple black pants and undershirt. My only necessary accessories are leather flat sandals and the matching mid-size bag.

The rest is me (before the beer).

Excited about the new fresh start!

There's no point in living if you can't feel alive!


La Bohème Brulée

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