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Upper town vintage romance.

People around me got used to my affection for old things. The smell of old books, old movies and music, vintage clothes and old city spirit inspire me and give me the feeling of traveling through history.

I have a few brands that I like but I am always happiest if I find something good and cheap. To get the quality and low price, you can only hope for a good vintage shop.

Vintage is the time that something of quality was produced representing the best of its kind.

Unfortunately, there aren't many in Croatia since people here still like to show off more than enjoy and grow their own personal style.

But when you really want something - you find it in the end. I met great girls that are hiding behind the name The Damast (@thedamast on Instagram). Their sense of vintage, romance, and style has put a huge smile on my face and dressed me up for this blog post.

As you all have noticed, I find my inspiration in France so I chose what suited me the best.

Blue polka dot blouse was my first choice so as the gorgeous bamboo clutch bag. I combined that all with a high waist vintage Replay jeans and beige leather ballerinas.

Trends come and go but vintage endures so buy less, choose well.

When I finally got to the upper town, I switched ballerinas for high heels silver sandals to show the simple way of having daily brunch and a late-night date dinner without going home and changing the outfit. Yes, sometimes I have a double pair of shoes in my bag (you never know). And a red lipstick is always there as well.

I am more vintage than high fashion because I love romance, old city walls, and bench with a French.

What do you say?


La Bohème Brulée

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