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The Silver Lining.

Chic, glamorous and comfortable. Sounds impossible?

No way!

Life is a party. Dress like it.

Last weekend I had that "Kate Moss" moment when I wanted to wear something silver, something shiny but still noticed as a daily glam version.

We all remember iconic Kate Moss in her silver dress while attending her birthday party in London. You don't need to have a glamorous birthday party in an expensive restaurant if you want to shine on your own. Just adapt it to your own version.

I was always fan of flushed metallic glow especially on long dresses and gowns or cocktail night-out dresses. It gives sophisticated note of glam if you (of course) don't overreact and combine it with a lot of jewellery. One piece is more than enough.

Better one statement than having more as too much.

Although I was wearing gown, I made it simple for street style and glamorous enough to fulfill my style inspo that day.

My metallic silver gown got toned down with an oversized white sweater. It has a scarf too. That one can give you that "I got ready in 5 min" moment.

My second biggest passion is cowboy boots. This time white leathered ones with silver chains fit perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

Buckled leather belt has tamed my cozy sweater, as well as my shiny chich purse, gave an extra finish touch.

Black sunglasses always help - especially if you went out the night before. And the long black coat suffers all of my styles well :)

What do you say?


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

La Bohème Brulée

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