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Summer chic in satin.

White for simplicity and red for passion. Basic white t-shirt and red satin skirt together?

Yes! And cheer it all up with golden sandals with crystals.

The city is your catwalk!

When I first saw this skirt, my first idea was how elegant and sophisticated it is but still very sexy in that Ferrari red color that gently follows your body curves.

And there it was, hanging in my closet for months because I didn't know how to combine it.

And then I just realized that there is nothing that doesn't go with a basic white t-shirt. Gotcha!

Because simple is beautiful!

To achieve a more elegant look, I suggest nice metallic sandals. I chose golden ones with crystal rocks.

Enough to be noted but still remain classy and not overdressed.

On which occasions would you wear this?


La Bohème Brulée

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