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Sightseeing or how to be a stylish tourist?

I see tourists on daily basis everywhere and unfortunately bad fashion too.

Considering myself as a travel lover, I enjoy exploring the new places but still like to be myself and prepare some nice and simple outfits.

I think its possible to feel comfortable and chic even if you plan to step in old castles or cathedrals.

You never know who you'll meet or where are you about to have your brunch.

This time I went in Budapest and I loved the scent of old streets and nice food. This place is amazing and very romantic but I have never seen so many boring outfits. As a matter of fact, I haven't noticed any good ones.

Or I chose bad timing to visit (maybe things get better in the summer?)

Ok, here are some tips and tricks on how to get most of your sightseeing tour in the matters of styling:

1. Check the weather forecast.

Do it before packing and pack according to it. Don't pack sandals although they might look good on you (i am saying this just because I used to do it before :)

2. Show some respect.

Sightseeing usually includes visiting different monuments, museums, cathedrals, government buildings etc. Show your awareness of its matter by dressing classy. Even if it is 40 degrees outside - it is not nice to enter these buildings as you are going to the beach. It is possible to stay comfortable and chic.

Pack a small cardigan or scarf in your handbag - it will be convenient for all the religious institutions and buildings.

3. Less is more.

Keep it simple. There is no need to ornament yourself when sightseeing. Too many accessories will become sorrow after few hours.

4. Feel comfortable.

Walking and standing require good shoes. Sneakers are always an option so as the cool ankle boots. Personally, I prefer a little bit of heel since flat shoes kill my back. It is up to you. But do not wear new shoes (trust me :)

5. Hands-free.

Consider taking crossbody bag or a stylish backpack. Classic handbags are not an option especially if you like to pop into new places and have a few drinks :)

6. Layers.

Dress up in layers. It will make things easier for you when the temperature changes.

7. Be yourself.

Pick the classics from your wardrobe and feel confident with it.

8. Enjoy!

Have fun there and remember that no outfit beats your smile.

On my sightseeing tour, this was one of my outfits for checking best places in the center of Budapest.

You already know I am a huge fan of trench coats so I also got my trench coat - dress in natural beige color which I combined with my most comfortable high leather boots and small cross-body leather bag.

To make it more classy I put Croatian traditional jewelry (Konavoske earrings) and dark grey sunglasses.

What do you say?


La Bohème Brulée

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