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Sandals in winter!? Why not?

Although most of the people would consider me as a crazy but what is fashion than being crazy?

Being yourself!

So, I dedicate this blog post to my feather red sandals.

They really are so light as the feather - perfect for catwalk on the streets.

Feather came back last season as a huge trend on the shoes. Still, there is a short line between being chic and looking cheap so one detail should be enough so:

Erotica is using feather, cheap is using the whole chicken.

I have combined them with blazer/dress in the same color over dots tights and gave the classic touch with the long black wool coat.

In small velvet bag with chain, there is enough place to leave my favorite red lipstick and phone.

I have to admit it takes courage to walk dressed like this because many people think they understand fashion but still they do not know how to live it.

I always like to tell them:

Fashion is about something that comes from within you. So, don't be boring!

What do you say?


La Bohème Brulée


  • Topshop sandals

  • Calzedonia tights

  • Blazer/dress Zara

  • H&M long wool coat

  • Mango velvet bag

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