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Midnight walk.

Although I've never taken the photos during the night for the blog, this time I got inspired by a warm autumn night. Romantic or not, I enjoyed my midnight walk in the downtown.

Maybe the nights are more alive and richly colored than the day.

I had a mix of office outfit from that day but cheered it up with few details. Since the night was made to say the things that you can't say during the day - that stands for an outfit as well.

Whether you feel like a dating diva or a rock star ready to catch some beer, everything seems different in the dark.

There is magic in the night when your dress glows by moonlight.

At night, you can afford wearing clothes that attract too much attention during the day.

As mentioned, I was wearing a golden/beige glittered midi skirt the whole day. When I came home I have just put one of my favorite tweed blazers over the simple black t-shirt. Blazer is black with delicate and sheer golden thread.

As for accessories I was wearing my old gold watch and bracelet which matched well with my classic black purse. Therefore, I crossed the line of elegance and added the wilderness with my leopard mules which are (btw) very comfortable and unique.

I loved the stars too, fondly to be fearful of the night.

What do you say?

Too romantic for not being in Paris?


La Bohème Brulée

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