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Men in black. Women in a suit.

Since I have been a child, I loved stealing my dad's white shirts and combine them with my favorite jeans. There is something very sexy in a shirt that smells by some eau de cologne.

Fortunately, the trend of oversized shirts, blazers, and classic trousers has come back in the most sophisticated way possible.

I will always remember Angeline Jolie wearing the white suit on Oscar in 2001. We all witnessed how sexy and stylish woman can look if she is not wearing a dress as usual.

A well-tailored suit is almost important as lingerie. It represents strong women's confidence and attitude if combined well.

In the 1966 Yves Saint Laurent designed a woman's formal tuxedo that he named Le Smoking. In a 1981 interview, he called it his most important design, wanting to show the power of a female silhouette in such a classic piece. Still, his design is a synonym for very best tailored women suits.

Women wearing men's clothes are chic because they act like they stole it from their fictional boyfriend.

In 1987 Margaret Thatcher's stylist said that the prime minister wore primarily suits because "she was in a man's world, and she had to look the part."

Seems like suits were reserved only for women politicians and very strong figures in males business world. Now, when fashion approves glorification of women body in its every shape, suits became available and affordable for all the women - no matter which age, shape or style.

They even appeared in all high streets brands as the part of their offer.

This time I was weaaring casual and comfy checked suit on two different occasions.

First one was in high heels, leather jacket and the fedora hat for Saturday coffee and brunch in the city.

The second one was with flat metallic moccasins and black coat for leisure sightseeing.

What do you say?


La Bohème Brulée

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