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Keep it French!

Before you consider me as a trendy wannabe Parisienne I want to make sure that you understand why La Bohème Brulée.

A Francophile (Gallophile) is a person who has a strong affinity towards any or all of the French language, French history, French culture or French people.

That affinity may include France itself or its history, language, cuisine, literature, etc. I have spent tremendous time exploring French culture. Even as a child, I was affected by its simplicity and Baudelaire beauty.

À la recherche du temps perdu I found my time spent on involving to French culture deeply whether with Hugo, Proust, and Flaubert or with a heroine de Beauvoir. Cozy Sunday nights with a glass of red wine and Godard movies made me adore the culture that I thought I was part of in my past life.

With my first escape to France, I took some air frais to reunite with the city of Serge Gainsbourg (wearing beret before it became trendy). I found my inspiration in the old city walls and pictures of Isabelle Adjani and Jane Birkin.

My style was just the part of that never-ending story.

Later, everyone started writing tips and trick about "how to be Parisienne" and I was hesitating and procrastinating with the idea of having my blog.

Suddenly, I started thinking about how would I name it. I needed something soft and French but wild. Something fresh and cute but still brave enough. Something that describes me as an old vintage soul who buys Caudalie French kiss lip balm in case of meeting one Julienne or Aurelien (or both).

La Bohème Brulée was a perfect illogique imperfection.

The rest remains a history.

And I am here again with my new blog post which was supposed to be a fashion one. Well, all these french lection were served here just because I had a cap with Paris name on it.

I have combined this cute cap with leather high waist pants, soft blue cashmere sweater and a black blazer with satin details and open sleeves.

The final touch was given by my mother's fur collar, the small handbag and high heels in blue colors.

May this styling help me while bringing back the books to Institut Français de Croatie Médiathèque (I am very late).

I hope I didn't keep you waiting for a long (weather conditions were very unfriendly for shooting). I will make it up with more interesting posts.

Au revoir and keep it French and do not act Parisienne if you do not feel that way.


La Bohème Brulée

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