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First glass of mulled wine.

If you've been waiting for cold days and Christmas to come, pulling out the same turtleneck and sweater few days in a row, you might have a Christmas disease or just want to get overdosed with all "the Christmas to-does-and-to-haves".

Or you're just bored? Megadosed with fashion influencers and their perfectly decorated Christmas trees?

Are you in love with your pajamas but tipsy voices of people making their way through crowd still make you smile?

Or you feel a certain melancholy every time you walk through the street filled with lamps and decorative bulbs? Does a smell from Christmas stand remind you of your grandma cakes or just the fact that you don't fit in the perfect leather Helmut Lang pants anymore?

How are you? How do you feel? I pretty much feel the same:)

And don't worry — everything is completely curable.

The smell of mulled wine which brought you to my blog (sometimes the title doesn't have to do anything with the styling) can serve as an indicator of winter happiness. And even more than that, it can raise the temperature so much that you forget about the winter and heating in your apartment. Plus, you have an excuse to wear mules in the middle of winter.

For what?

For being chic. It's tiger calling La Bohème Brulée :)

Anyway, I decided to step out of my apartment into the crowd and face with all the Ugg boots up. Therefore, I wore animal print mules with my vintage leather maxi skirt which I adore. My mother gave it to me and I will never return it back. I usually combine it with turtlenecks so this time I chose a nice soft beige one waisted with my favorite golden buckled belt.

The long black wool coat makes drama effect and warms you up elegantly. It's a lifelong statement piece. Beige wool fedora hat looked like a useful accessory as well as my classic black box bag with golden buckle.

The only additional accessory I had was my vintage gold watch and everything else would actually hamper me on a wine tour through the city.

In the end, I really enjoyed my romantic city night although having a headache all day long day after.

What do you say?


La Bohème Brulée

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