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City catwalk. 501 jeans and high heels. Beat that!

Although I have always expressed myself as a French-style aficionado, this weekend it took me to some new direction. I would describe it as a mix of "I don't care - I am wearing my old jeans" and "I still live Sex and the City".

However, it is very hot here in Croatia - almost impossible to have photo shooting without wiping sweat every 10 seconds. I was never wearing makeup during the summer (only the bronzer for the nights) but I had to camouflage 35 degrees on my skin.

As I said - I don't care, I am wearing my old jeans. Yes, these jeans shorts are my mother's legacy from the time she was 18 years old (believe it or not). That is actually my favorite piece in the wardrobe. I can buy millions of new shorts - but still, this one remains the best. It is classic 501 Levi's jeans cut off for the summer time :)

I wear it on many occasions - with sneakers and simple white t-shirt, with high heels and chic tops, with classic shirt and moccasins etc.

Take everything from me but leave me my 501 vintage jeans. Actually, I am very sad that Levi's isn't producing these anymore - I know they have a 501 line but it's completely different tailored and doesn't fit like the vintage one.

I have combined my jeans with a linen waistcoat that highlights the waist and refreshes everything with its Ferrari red color. I like this waistcoat since it gives sophisticated note even to the simple jeans.

My high heels were already seen on another blog post. Simply, they just matched well with the rest of the outfit as well as my red bag.

After I had taken off my shoes, I instantly grabbed my simple ballerina shoes to show you how easy attractive look can become delicate.

I have emphasized the gentleness and the child's spirit with one of my favorite hats (ok, I know it's not Philip Treacy :) This hat with floral details is so cute that for one second I almost felt like Meghan Markle (without Harry ofc).

What do you say about this summerish combo?

ps. I promise I won't get lazy during the summer and will keep you well informed about my newest fashion adventures.


La Bohème Brulée

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