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Casual white.

Since this warm autumn has offered a wide range of styles for anyone, I felt free to move along with summer colors.

For me, white color has always been a symbol of elegance, simplicity, and purity as a deep reflection of new beginning and openness.

With such a clarity, it is hard to make a mistake if you choose a white outfit. The most important thing is to find good fabric since white can be transparent. Therefore, it can look cheap as well.

This time, my inspiration was an old Ralph Lauren campaign. How? Very simple.

Color is descriptive. Black and white are a base.

I especially like the fact that in white you can be casual (not overdressed) but still look like you came from a yacht. A detail that broke "purity of casual"is my new leopard heels. So comfy and so attractive. They revive any styling and add that final touch.

My bases were high waist white mommy jeans and a simple white shirt. For the evenings, a nice brown leather jacket is always a good choice and I must admit that I love how white and brown match so I wore a nice brown leather belt as well.

Simple, chic and comfortable - I was ready to enjoy in the upper city all day and night long.

I had a vintage crocodile brown bag over my shoulder and a gold watch and bracelet to add some posh attitude.

Also, this outfit matched well with my new sunglasses (which I adore and wanted to promote :)). Leopard Celine sunglasses with brown shades gave a final touch to one of my favorite looks ever.

So, before you mix all the colors just remember:

Within white color one can find every color of the rainbow.

What do you say?


La Bohème Brulée

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