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Business boho.

Bohemian, gypsy, wanderer but still classy... Possible?


Although I had to adapt my wardrobe to my daily schedule, I've never wanted to say goodbye to my inner style. And when I say inner, I think about dressing how I feel.

Being a rebel in a conference room isn't wrong if you match the details so that they don't upstage your mind and character.

So, no matter how others see me and analyze the way I look, I am brave to stay myself whether that means wearing cowboy boots with a suit or a leopard trenchcoat.

As long as you're not naked, remaining yourself is the best thing you could do about your appearance.

Actually, this style suddenly happened. I started with classic suit trousers in bright gray color and a romantic white blouse. And I looked like a nanny.

I put white high heels and I looked like a thin nanny. I broke the gray-white discipline and wore a brown suede belt and it looked better but it needed something more.

Ok, it's not that hot yet. Bring on some poncho. And give me the one with my initials.

Am I now allowed to match purse with heels (I actually never do it)?

Oh, it's windy and my hair is all messed up. Fedora, my love, you know how to keep it calm and dangerous.

If I need to wear just one piece from already mentioned ones, that would certainly be my hat!

That's how a rebel feels when stepping out of the comfort zone. Plus, you're able to hide those curious eyes from strangers.

A hat is not an accessory. It's an attitude. And if you don't have at least 2 pairs of cowboy boots to match with - then you're just following trends.

Conclusion: You become a rebel so you could wear it all differently. You don't wear it differently because you want to be a rebel. The mind is hot and the hat keeps it safe!

Be wild and free to rule your style. Clothing is already overrated.

Last tip: Drink wine before writing your blog :)


La Bohème Brulée

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