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Boots or sandals? Give me both!

One simple black dress can have a prominent role in your hand luggage for summer weekends. The more simple, the better.

Recycling one piece of wardrobe has never been easier. Flats, heels, boots, handbags and clutches, hats and jewelry can change the whole style if you have a good base.

My long black dress was bought as a "total sale - don't miss it" piece from Asos and I have it for a few years.

I love it because of the cut out back which looks great when you're tanned in the summer.

I've refreshed it with a black leather buckled belt and shoes. As a first more classic option, I was wearing simple black high heel sandals that fit almost everything.

But since I love playing with different styles, I took one of my favorite cowboy boots in devil red color. Those were a nice catch on sales as they are very comfortable and made of great leather so you can wear them barefoot.

I won't miss the opportunity to mention how I noticed that this Autumn/Winter collection from almost every famous brand is full of cowboy boots. I am not thrilled with that fact, honestly. I have been wearing them since high school and was asked plenty of times what am I acting in leather boots in the middle of summer.

Now, everyone will wear them just because it became a trend and not a part of someone's personal attitude (in my case).

Anyway, cowboy boots are essential to me and no matter who else wears them - you need to have the attitude, worthy to be a cowgirl.

Summer is ending and I am looking forward to coming back with big style on a regular weekly basis. I'll keep you posted.


La Bohème Brulée

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