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Boho chic.

As I have never written about my fashion icons - I think this blog post could naturally refer to it. Although you got used to seeing me in more elegant version - during my teenage and 20s I was RocknRolla deeply in love with festival style testifying it with boho and rock chic.

Consistently, I was relying on Glastonbury fashion icons - Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, queens of boho and rock chic.

Still, I didn't give up on that - I can't wait for all the summer festivals to get out of the closet in boho dress or vintage Levi's shorts wearing cowboy or Hunter boots.

Everyone wants to go to Coachella but I am still more fan of Glastonbury and catwalk through the mud.

Boho was actually hippies heritage based on floral patterns, fluttering dresses, and flowers in the hair.

School definition of boho - socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists; bohemian.

Fair enough.

Sienna Miller has given her stamp for that everlasting romantic and wicked style proving that fashion can be comfortable as well (no need for high heels).

On the other hand, Kate Moss continued to live in 80's, breathe with the lungs of Rock n Roll and remain a fashion icon.

She was never uniformed nor tasseled with logos. Kate just knew the right balance between high couture and simplicity.

Besides my French fashion icons, she remained one of my favorites.

The main motive for this blog post was actually the fact I took photos of my old (oldie but goldie) maxi boho dress. Made of nice silk with gypsy motives, it was always a good option. A piece that lasts.

I have combined it with a rock chic sandals. Those are also one of my favorite, essentials in my shoe collection. Made of nice black leather with western style buckles staggered in three belts around the ankle.

Chic, comfortable but still feminine - should I ask for more?

Yes, I will always ask for a good music that follows my steps while daydreaming.

Wicked, but mine.



La Bohème Brulée

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