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Bloom with your dress!

If there was a simple way of saying complicated things - it would be wearing a dress. Vintage midi dress. Floral one. Or with polka dots. Or both :)

Your dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady.

I enjoy wearing dresses. Not just they are feminine, they are easy to wear. You just need perfect shoes and a nice bag. And even during the winter, they are still chic under the coat.

I chose my midi dress and belted my waist so it matches my satin green high heels. Roses on the dress match the bag while my oversized aviator faux fur/leather jacket makes it all more daily outfit.

Romantic as I am, I was listening to Serge Gainsbourg while having a coffee and glass of wine. Cheers to Jane Birkin and the whole generation which was inspired by her natural beauty and lifestyle.

What do you say?


La Bohème Brulée


Stradivarius dress

Zara heels

H&M jacket

Lindex belt

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