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Back to work.

Since the autumn has already been deeply rooted in the streets of the city, this is a great opportunity to introduce some office style for this season.

Some of you are back to their college commitments and some to their working desk. I know it doesn't sound too fashionable but why not to use this gloomy weather to show some cheery attitude with a nice outfit?

From Monday to Friday we're usually surviving (so am I) but whenever I put some nice clothes on, I feel motivated to step out of my apartment. Well, not just that... I even have a spirit to go for a drink after work.

So, what we all should be wearing to work? it is up to you, of course. As long as you feel good - everything is great!

Cultivate your image!

After my graduation, I thought I would never adjust my diverse style to an office but it wasn't that hard. I had to buy some basics like simple black pants, white shirts, and suits but still, I combine them in an unconventional way. My biggest fear was that I would like a barman in a black suit and white shirt (I love barmen btw) but suddenly I realized that few details can make the whole thing work out in a different way.

Scarves, heels, coats, leopard or snakeskin blazers can transform your office to fashion corner without too much effort. Simply have the basics and play with them.

Invest in good quality.

Upgrade your classics with an oversized wool coat, good quality leather bag or briefcase and classic pumps in basic colors. Buy a confidence-boosting silk shirt and cashmere sweater. Buy now and then but wisely.

And don't forget - you are building your career and not blindly following all the trends!

My list of basics to have:

1. White shirt (goes with anything and makes you look elegant in jeans as well). *If you find a one that fits you perfectly - buy few pieces

2. Basic black and pants (with a blazer you can have it as a part of the suit and without it, you can combine it in plenty of ways especially with nice cashmere sweaters and scarves)

3. Suit (well-tailored one - not too wide not too tight)

4. Blazer (with a shirt or a sweater, under the coat... blazer is a must and you can play with its color and design as the rest of the outfit is basic)

5. Long oversized wool coat (beige or black)

6. Classic trenchcoat (black or beige)

7. A simple cashmere sweater or turtleneck in basic colors like black, beige, white, dark brown

8. Classic leather pumps

9. Elegant flat shoes (moccasins or oxford shoes)

10. Leather business bag or briefcase (black, brown or beige)

11. Tweed skirt (A-shaped)

12. Accessories like an elegant watch and a nice scarf are more than welcome

Don't get me wrong - I am aware that one can't afford everything in one shopping. These pieces last and come as part of your "inventory" step by step. You will always have them and they are the statements of business look that will never go out of the fashion.

Elegance never goes out of the style.

This time I had a casual business Friday which included hangout after work. Inspired by Chanel, I was wearing tweed blazer and skirt with sophisticated silver buttons and few red details which matched my well known purse.

Since I've successfully maintained my summer tan, I decided to wear white (not getting married) leather pumps. My only accessory besides of inherited golden watch was the Chanel book which I recommend to all the fashion and art lovers.

What do you say?

Too chic for October?


La Bohème Brulée

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