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Afternoon Cinderella.

Fashion is such a fairy tale and it is such a fantasy. And it's about metamorphosis and sort of changing yourself and playing a part that you want people to see.

(Marc Jacobs)

Escape from ordinary and find yourself in unlimited fantasy. That was my idea when I started thinking about my new blog post.

I opened my closet and saw a dress that was never worn before. No occasion, I thought.

But what if in life you don't need to wait for a perfect occasion to bloom? What if imaging leads to realization?

Take your bag, put on your shoes and escape from what you call ordinary every day.

Tailor make your day, not your dress.

For me, fashion is art next to acting and we all love acting from time to time.

Embrace yourself but not for Mordor :)

Rather for a mysterious day devoted to you and play.

I always wanted to take a downtown walk in a long satin dress in the middle of the day letting people ask themselves: where is she going?

Now, when I regularly pose for the blog - I had an excuse.

Excuse for wearing long satin metallic chemise de nuit (nightie) slipping on my back. To avoid boring "wannabe princess" look - I gave a wild shot to everything with leopard high heels and dark brown leather jacket.

My vintage purse appeared many times here so no need for further explanation.

For accessories, I had traditional Croatian Konavoske earrings and a simple ring with a transparent rock.

I really enjoyed playing with the camera this time and I am looking forward to receiving feedback on such a fashion journey.


La Bohème Brulée.

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